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    Hair Growth Spray
We provide the most Natural way to regrow your hair.

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Reverse Hair Loss & Re-grow Hair with an easy-to-use liquid spray that increases cellular energy while supporting the free flow of Qi.
What is Qi?
Qi (pronounced Chi) is a term for life energy, a vital force that flows in all living things. Qi is used in our hair growth spray to provide the active energy necessary for the growth and development of the human hair.
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In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the hair is considered an extension of the blood and the adequate supply of blood is necessary for healthy hair growth. Read about how TCM is used as a hair loss treatment to cure alopecia and reverse Male/Female Pattern Baldness.
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9 of the world's most wondrous plants are put together in a formula that harnesses the potent medicinal properties of pure herbal ingredients under a highly technological bio-engineering environment designed specifically to regrow hair.
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How It Works

-Steps to Re-grow Hair-

Step 1

Cleans Hair Follicles & Roots

Step 2

Supplies Oxygen & Improves Blood-flow

Step 3

5α-reductase Inhibitors Block DHT & Harmful Substances

Step 4

Finally, Qi Tonics revive the functionality of Hair Follicles & Re-grow Hair


-Our Herbal Hair Growing Recipe-
1 Year Treatment
-Only- $184.20

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1 Year Treatment

Regain your hair by emerging into the world of herbal medicine & TCM spiritual Qi healing to reinvigorate your scalp and reactivate hair growth. Natural...

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