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5a-reductase Blocks DHT & Reverses Hair Loss

DHT is The Most Common Cause of Hair Loss in 2019

Androgenetic alopecia is the #1 cause of hair loss nowadays affecting more than 50% of all men beginning as early as in one's teens. Four out of Five men will experience badness by the age of 70. As for women, the same culprit (DHT) causes hair loss in about 40% by the age of 40. Both Male Pattern and Female Pattern Baldness (MPB/FPB) come from genetics and diet.

Genetically Caused Hair Loss is TREATABLE

We often hear people say that if your father was bald and your grand-father was bald, then you will be bald. There is often the misconception that because hair loss originates from the genes that there is no cure, however this phenomenon is completely incorrect. DHT is reversible and blocked from the body and bloodstream using medications like Finasteride and natural herbs such as Carthamus Tinctorius which can have the same potency of 5a-reductase inhibitors.


5a-reductase Inhibitors and how Hair Regrowth is achieved

Carthamus Tinctorius is an excellent 5a-reductase inhibitor derived from nature which is effective in blocking DHT from attacking hair follicles and transforms the growth factor-β1 enzyme that is the hair loss-related gene. This means that even if you suffer from androgenetic alopecia (further known as Male or Female Pattern Baldness) which is hair loss caused by DHT in genetics; Your hair loss can be reversed and hair regrowth can be achieved!


Finasteride or Carthamus Tinctorius to reverse hair loss?

Now the question is, which is more effective in treating hair loss and re-grow hair? The answer is both. Carthamus Tinctorius has 5α-reductase inhibitory activity (FEA) value of 24.30±1.64 mg finasteride equivalent per 1g crude extract. Meaning with the right potency and quantity the same level of DHT blocking can be achieved. However, Finasteride is a chemically produced drug which has adverse side effects on your health and is commonly known to cause sexual dysfunction, whereas Carthamus Tinctorius is completely natural and side-effect free


Where Can We Find a Product To Block DHT?

Right here on this website, Natural Regain is a natural remedy for treating hair loss. Amongst many ingredients beneficial for hair growth, it contains Carthamus Tinctorius which is a DHT-blocker and can reverse hair loss with continuous use. Spray the solution 10 times per day directly in the affected areas, gently massage the solution into your scalp and watch it do wonders.