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Dangers of Hair Loss Treatments

Which treatment for hair loss should you choose? 

Most of middle aged individuals experience the sad effects of hair loss because of Androgenic Alopecia further known as "Male Pattern Baldness" or "Female Pattern Baldness". Some people start loosing hair in their mid 20s while others can even begin seeing hair loss in their teens. The reasons for MPB can fluctuate extraordinarily. Male pattern baldness can be brought about by hormonal changes in a person's body, diet, reaction to specific meds or even hereditary roots.

With all the different accessible balding treatments out there it is hard to choose the right one which is suitable for your condition. Some of the treatments are as follows: hair transplantation, doctor prescribed medications, home grown pills and natural remedies.


Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgery that is somewhat costly, difficult and perilous. The positive outcome can't be assured. You ought to be super careful while picking this technique to cure your baldness! Many of the times after a hair transplant is performed, the hair does not come out very strong and infact, some hair transplant doctors will recommend that you use a topical treatment afterwards to maintain hair growth and to keep your hair strong.
The expense of a hair transplantation is around $5000 USD. You should realize that a few specialists are truly qualified so be careful that they just might want to capitalize on your eager situation to get your hair back.
Not only is it a delicate situation, it can have hazard because you have the chance to have scars on your scalp which can not be reversed.


Prescribed Medications

The most popular medication recommended to reverse male pattern baldness is a dangerous drug called finasteride. Finasteride has a symptom to stop balding. It helps stop male pattern baldness and truly invigorates hair development, however the only problem is that all your regrown hair could be lost after half a year of stopping the treatment. Which basically implies that you need to keep using the drug your entire life to keep your hair. Something else that makes finasteride a terrible choice of hair loss treatment is the side effects which include: ineptitude (powerlessness to have or keep up an erection), diminished drive (enthusiasm for sex), diminished volume of discharge (measure of semen).
The known symptoms of finasteride on women are changes in the bosoms, for example, bumps and so forth.
Ladies who are or may be pregnant ought not contact broken or squashed finasteride tablets. Finasteride can cause anomalies in the male baby.


Herbal Medicine

The most up to date natural bio-technological hair loss treatment that are proven to work with no side effects is Herbal Medicine. More specifically medicines that originate from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Products like Natural Regain that contain Qi tonics are ground-breaking treatment to stop hair loss and regrow hair.
Natural Regain works by blocking DHT development (Dihydrotestosterone), a male hormone that is in charge of hair shrinkage. When formed, DHT ties to hair follicle, hinders hair development and harms blood supply to the follicle. When this happens, hair does not get the vital nourishment it needs to grow, starts to weaken and in the end dies.

Natural Regain is a 100% natural male pattern baldness treatment intended to stop DHT development, stop hair loss and promote hair growth. For more information about how Natural Regain works visit the following links: Qi, TCM, Herbology