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Don't Wash Your Hair Daily

Washing Your Hair Everyday Is NOT Good

As the title suggests, we should NOT be washing our hair daily. This is evident because we all know, shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that damage hair roots and can have adverse effects on the health of our scalp. This leaves us with one obvious question which is, how often should we wash our hair during the week. This answer truly depends on your particular hair and scalp.


Determine how long it takes for your hair to feel oily

If it takes just 1 day to begin feeling your hair becoming oily, then you should be washing you hair every second day. However, if it takes 2 or 3 days for your to begin feeling oily hair, then you should be washing your hair every 3rd day.


Oily hair is Good, but too much is Bad - Find the balance

Our scalp produces an oil called sebum which protects and nurtures the hair. But the accumulation of too much sebum will eventually damage hair follicles and then cause them to shrink and then hair loss could occur. This is why an important factor to maintaining a healthy scalp is to continually find a balance between no too oily and not too dry.

When shampooing your hair, you can occasionally feel that your scalp is still oily. This is when you will need to shampoo it a second time to ensure that all excess oil is removed from your scalp.


Different bodies have different Rules

Most body parts below your neck can stay clean by washing it once per day. For your face it should be washed both, in the morning and at night. As for your hair, it’s not the same for all, but you probably only need to wash it 2 or 3 times per week. Learn more about How You Should Wash Your Hair.


TIPS when washing hair

 1) Gently massage when shampooing: After applying the shampoo, gently massage your scalp with only the tips of your fingers, moving in a circular motion. Not only will you cleann away the dirt, but massaging will also help the blood circulation to your hair roots and boost your hair growth potential.

2) Use small amount of conditioner: Shampooing your hair will strip the hair of dirt and oil. This is why it is important to use conditioner afterwards which will infuse your hair with moisture and nutrients.

3) Don't take too long: Your hair is at it's most fragile state when it is wet. This is why shampooing, conditioning, rinsing and drying should be done within 15 minutes to keep hair damaging at a minimum