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Female Hair Loss Myths and Facts

The Truth About Women Experiencing Thinning Hair

Traditionally, hair loss was a hair condition commonly associated with men. Very few women who suffered the same came out in the open to express their grievances. Times have changed and people are more encouraged to talk about their positive and negative experiences in life rather than keep them in and suffer in silence. Alopecia or balding is one condition that people are openly addressing. Hair loss remedies for this condition are also being sort after. As we proceed, we shall look at the causes of hair loss especially in women and the first signs. There are many causes and most of them are often associated with various myths and facts. Let us identify some of the myths that surround hair loss as a problem and the facts that everyone should understand.

6 hair loss myths and the facts behind them:

1. The confusing myth that hair thinning, hair loss and hair breakage are all the same. While all these are scalp and hair conditions each has its own underlying cause and a respective way of curing or managing it.

2. Home remedies are the only hair loss treatment or cure to hair loss. The fact here is that there are many ways of curing hair loss and home remedies is just but one way. Today even surgery is an acceptable way that can help solve all forms of balding.

3. Hair loss is only associated with adults of a certain age. Truth is, hair loss is a condition that can be suffered by everyone regardless of age, tribe, race etc. We can't dispute some common causes of hair loss such as cancer tumors which cause balding to children, women and men of any age.

4. Birth control can cause hair loss in women. This is a myth equal to a lie and a half. Birth control only deals with the production of certain hormones which also target certain organs within the body. The scalp and the hair that grows on it is not affected or stimulated by any hormone. Other body hairs can be hormonal but not the hair on your head.

5. Hair dyes and colors will eventually cause your hair to thin and fall off. While hair dyes and colors contain more chemicals than other hair products, they are not very destructive if applied in the right manner and used in moderation. What makes the hair to suffer greatly after the application of this products is ignorance and not using the right ways of maintaining your hair and scalp.

6. Wearing hats or head coverings causes balding. Contrary to this myth, hats and head coverings help protect the hair from dirt, dust and ultra violet rays. Your head doesn't get its oxygen supply from the outside rather it gets it's from the blood supplied to its follicles. If you want to have a healthy scalp and hair, work on solving matters from the inside rather than blaming staff on the outside.

The first signs of hair loss and thinning all women need to look out for

There are many ways that female hair loss can manifest itself. You may see this sign on your scalp and perhaps on another person's scalp its a different sign. Do not also be quick to conclude that it is hair loss just because you have seen some signs of hair loss. You must understand that some signs are not ultimately hair loss rather it may be a disease or condition that is affecting other areas of your body but manifesting on the scalp. The first signs and symptoms of hair loss every woman should look out for are:

Thinning hair line: A woman's hairline is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once you notice that your hair has suddenly changed in thickness and volume then it could be that your hair is thinning or wasting away.

Breaking hair every time you comb or style: Strong hair does not easily pull off when styled or combed. If your hair roots are weak, they will eventually lead to hair breakage even with the slightest touch.

The scalp grows more visible: To see the scalp, you need to part the hair. If you can easily see your scalp without parting your hair then, you could be a victim of hair loss.

What female age bracket is highly affected by hair loss

Unlike male pattern hair loss, female hair loss draws a lot of attention from researchers. A lot is yet to be understood before we start drawing conclusions on female hair loss. The same condition if caused by a medical case such as cancer can be understood but what if you were very healthy and living a healthy lifestyle then hair loss kicked in? This would be a shocker. Many people often attribute female pattern hair loss as hereditary, while this may be true, it may also be disputed if you can trace your lineage and determine if balding was a trend in your ancestral line. Female hair loss raises many eyebrows and in the same manner it leaves many questions unanswered.

What we know for sure is that female hair loss knows no age bracket or limit the same way hair growth knows no age bracket. In truth, there are many reasons that can offset hair loss in women and should you be a victim of any of these reasons at any age in your timeline then, you may suffer from female patterned hair loss. 

The main causes of hair loss in women

The cause of hair loss in women are highlighted below:

1. Hereditary causes due to hair loss or balding genes passed on in a family tree.

2. Hormonal changes due to medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer

3. Body supplements and medications

4. Certain hair treatments and styles that may not be generous on your hair

5. Therapies such as radiation