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Styling Methods That Damage Hair

Be Careful of How You Style Your Hair & How Often You Do

How you decide to style your hair and the styling methods you use, can make a huge difference to the quality of your hair and could cause your hair to look fragile, dry and weak over time.

Here are some of the most common styling techniques that damage hair the most:

• Twisting hair for styling and creating curls
Braids that are pulled firmly
Using heat iron / blow drying


The Most Damaging Hair Styling Technique

Pulling the hair firmly in a pig tail to create a consistent hold of hair while keeping it tightly in place can cause pattern baldness for both men and women. This is called traction alopecia and if not remedied, the hair follicle might be harmed permanently.

The second most damaging hair styling technique

The majority of women in particular tend to style their hair utilizing heat such as hair curlers or irons. When you do this a few times, it doesn't really harm the hair. Nonetheless, in the event that you apply heat all the time to the hair – particularly extremely high levels, you are harming the hair structure. After some time it can affect hair growth because hair becomes weak. Weak hair eventually leads to fragile and fine hair loaded with split closures. As we know, weak and damaged hair will eventually fall out and cause balding.

Hair Gel, Hair Wax & Other Styling products Cause Hair Loss

Gel is typically stored in a tube or can and to protect the formula and prevent it from accumulating bacterial development, a high level of alcohol is included in the formula. Alcohol is not useful for neither your hair or scalp and since it is known to damage hair and dry it out, it is not recommended for use if you are combating hair loss. Another reason why hair gel is not good for your hair is because the formula sticks to the scalp which causes your scalp to suffocate and can potentially choke hair follicles, causing them to shrink.

Hair wax is another product used to style hair, it is a delicate and pliant substance that, whenever applied accurately, fixes the hair while still enabling it to move. Although it can still damage hair, it is likely less destructive but can be harder to wash off.

Over Combing Your Hair

The constant draw from a hair brush can damage hair if used too often. Hair roots can be affected, enabling the hair to slip out. This is even worse when hair is wet because it is more fragile. To avoid damaging the most, towel dry your hair before brushing it. It will most likely give your hair a chance to air dry as opposed to brushing it with a hair dryer.

So be careful out there when trying to look good! You might want to switch up the look from to time to time to avoid abusing hair styling methods that are potentially damaging your hair.