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Sun Exposure Can Cause Baldness

Sun is good for hair but too much is bad. Find The Balance!

We all know that sunlight can contribute to many health benefits such as providing the body with essential vitamin D and many studies have proven to us that the sun helps provide our bodies with the nutrients needed to maintain a proper hair growth cycle. Furthermore, some studies also point out that hair loss can also be caused by a vitamin D deficiency. So make sure you’re getting enough sunlight!


But How Much is Too Much?

About 15 to 30 minutes every day is just enough to keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth. Any longer, direct sunlight exposure to your scalp can be damaging especially during the times when the sun is the strongest (11am to 4pm). Best time to grab some sun is after 4pm.


What are the reasons why sun can damage hair?

The hair shaft in your scalp is the part of your hair that sticks out of your skin from the hair follicle. Daylight can corrupt your hair proteins, can lessen vitamin E and C from your skin and for the most part fundamental oils get drained. The outcome is: more fragile hair and more blunt looking hair. The sun can likewise remove dampness from your hair, leaving it drier, frizzier and more unpleasant in surface.

If your hair is generally thinning, you are significantly increasing chances of getting burned from the sun. Extreme sun exposure can affect hair growth. Any aggravation or harm to your scalp can possibly cause significantly more thinning of your hair.


Tips to keep hair healthy during sun bathing

  • Avoid Salt or chlorinated water, not only can it discolor and dry your hair but it can burn your scalp afterwards.
  • Keep your hair moisturized and well hydrated. That means, every once in a while apply some water to it. Not only that, you should hydrate yourself as well and drink lots of water.
  • Wear a hat or put a cloth over your head to protect from the sun.
  • Don’t apply Sunscreen on your hair. Although there is no evidence that sunscreen can damage your hair, there are so many products out there for the sun protection and many of them use various different ingredients which are not common and only time will tell if they are dangerous for the scalp or not.


Not enough sun?

If you’re not getting enough sun, you may have vitamin D deficiency. Many researches have demonstrated that an absence of vitamin D in our bodies can accelerate balding. One job vitamin D plays is helping to develop new hair by nourishing hair follicles. At the point when there isn't sufficient vitamin D in your system, new hair development can be halted.

Reasons for a lack of vitamin D in your system include spending too much time indoors, wearing too much sunscreen, and/or not eating foods packed with the essential nutrients.


How to get the vitamin D you need

The best way to get the vitamin D without the sun is by vitamin D supplements, multivitamins and of course a diet that is rich in vitamin D. There are some foods that are good for hair and naturally rich with nutrients. Salmon, fish oil and animal fats are great sources. But you can also eat food products fortified with vitamin D, such as some cereals and milks.