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The Most Natural Way to Re-grow your Hair

While the development of pharmaceuticals has provided modern man with an array of answers to a plethora of ailments, recent years have seen a surge in public awareness of the nefarious side-effects of these drugs, resulting in increased appreciation of and studies into the curative qualities of natural herbs for hair loss. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, has been at the front-line of natural treatments for centuries. TCM practitioners have devised precise methods of preventing and addressing man's afflictions via the use of their extensive herbology system, in conjunction with their philosophy of harmonizing the two complimentary yet opposing forces, Yin and Yang, and maintaining Qi, the vital life force. Having long evaluated and documented the medicinal properties of plants and their components, TCM provides an astounding reserve of knowledge for natural medicinal practice.

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a condition that affects a vast scale of the population, and is not simply limited to the adult bracket. There are a number of different causes for hair loss, relative to its various forms. Genetics play a large role in androgenetic, or male/female-pattern baldness. Triggered by a sensitivity to androgen hormones, hair follicles shrink, reducing the thickness and quality of hair, eventually leading to a termination of hair production from affected follicles. Other causes of alopecia include physical and mental stress, the use of chemical styling products or dyes, hot irons and styling implements, as well as hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, disease, and side effects of certain medications.

In traditional Chinese medicine, hair is considered an extension of  blood, and insufficient supplies of nourishment from blood and yin to the follicles impart on the quality and strength of hair growth.  Free flow of Qi, or Life Force, is required for proper circulation of the blood. An adequate supply of blood is necessary for healthy hair growth, in both the strength of its circulation, and the quality of the nutrients it transports to the scalp and its follicles. Finally, in order for the body to maintain correct levels of blood, its cellular energy needs must be met and supported. Natural Regain is an all-natural liquid spray treatment for alopecia conditions that utilizes 9 potent herbal ingredients working in unison to address the underlying pathological processes of alopecia, to promote a strong and healthy scalp, block DHTs, supplement the Yin deficiency, and support the free flow of Qi.

This herbology formulation is an easy to use liquid spray that harnesses the potent medicinal properties of potent herbs in conjunction with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine in order to provide a 100% natural effective treatment for hair loss in both men and women.

Here are the benefits of the Natural Regain treatment:

• Enhances the health and productivity of hair follicles, by invigorating the circulation of blood and Qi ( Life Force), allowing for increased supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the scalp.

• Stop hair loss by blocking DHTs and  supplementing Yin deficiencies, factors attributed to hair loss.

• Promotes the strength and growth of existing hair by increasing cellular energy and tonifying Qi. As the body ages, the ability of cells to metabolize sufficient energy for daily activities is diminished, a process which has been widely associated with the onset of degenerative problems such as hair graying and hair loss. Increasing cellular energy metabolism of the scalp allows for greater longevity of the hair cells, and slows the effects of ageing.

• Promotes thicker hair, by increasing the number and size of hair follicles, and encouraging regrowth of lost hair. Thickness of the hair shaft is directly proportional to the size of the follicle from which is grows, with thicker hair exhibiting a greater resistance to physical stresses due to increased strength of the hair fibers. By providing a growth in hair follicle size and frequency, Natural Regain allows for visibly healthier, thicker hair.

How to Use?

Simply spray onto affected areas of the scalp ten times per day. For optimum results, try to do so when your hair is clean and dry. For those with longer hair, just move the hair aside to ensure delivery of the spray is as close to the scalp as possible. Complete the process by massaging the scalp gently for 1 minute. This not only aids Natural Regain to penetrate the dermal layer of the scalp, but also increases micro-circulation of blood and distribution of nutrients in the area, releases tension that may be inhibiting hair growth, and detoxifies the scalp of its dead skin, while providing a pleasurable feeling of well-being.

Note: Due to the 100% natural composition of Natural Regain, it does have a strong herbal fragrance. For those not comfortable with this, or worried it may clash with perfumes/aftershave, it is recommended that you application 2-3 hours before bedtime. The body performs a lot of its reparation processes during sleep, therefore there is no loss in the quality of effectiveness relative to the reduced time frame of application.

With results in as little as 2 months, you can find yourself regaining your strong healthy hair in no time. Each 80ml spray bottle is $62.40 USD which is a little bit over of $1 a day to potential get your hair back and get back your confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Why put up with harsh chemical treatments and drugs, and the risk of allergies and side effects? Why keep using products that have you waiting and waiting for results that never come? Re-grow hair and regain your confidence with Natural Regain, and rediscover a beautiful, healthy, full head of hair, safe in the knowledge that your choice of treatment is 100% natural and side-effect free. Address your problem now, and start seeing results using this sophisticated treatment based on hundreds of years of medicinal herbal knowledge to unlock your natural hair growth capacity!