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Top 10 Tips to Stop Hair Fall

The Best Way to Keep Your Hair!

You may not know how problematic hair fall is until you actually suffer from it. Hair loss or hair fall is a condition that starts gradually and elevates into uncontrolled sessions of hair falling off from the scalp. In some cases hair falls off even before it grows to maturity/its full length. When does one really know that they are suffering from hair loss? Hair fall signs are evident once you start seeing hair strands remain on your comb/brush and also if you notice that your hair is thinning or reducing in volume. In this article we shall focus on the top 10 tips to stop hair fall and re-grow hair.

10) Stop bad habits:

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are some bad habits that inhibit the flow of blood into your hair follicles. Remember that the hair follicles need to be nourished with food nutrients and oxygen for them to grow healthy and strong.  Alcohols and nicotine are some substances that contain poisons which are harmful to the hair’s protein make up. If consumed regularly and in large amounts, these substances may cause the scalp to receive less nourishing blood causing it to thin and eventually break off.

9) Choose natural hair products:

The choice of which hair product is best remains entirely yours however if you are suffering from hair loss we strongly advise that you use hair products made from natural components rather than those that are made from chemicals. Herbal hair products are a supplementary way of recovering what the hair may be lacking. Natural hair shampoos, conditioners and pomades are made from herbal substances and essential oils which contain natural healing and soothing properties for a healthy scalp and hair.

8) Always keep your hair and scalp clean:

Washing your hair regularly is one way of ensuring that the scalp cells remain free of dirt and dander which clogs the pores causing bacteria build up, dandruff, lice among other hair and scalp conditions. A clean scalp is also one that allows its pores to breathe easy thus ensuring that the blood veins are not strained on pressured in any way. Healthy blood veins in their good functionality allow the uninterrupted flow of blood into and out of the hair follicles.

7) Drink plenty of water:

Water accounts for 55-65% of the body’s composition. This huge percentage shows how important water is to the body and its cell-tissue functionality. Water contains plenty of gasses and minerals which are required for oxidative purposes within the body. It’s also a medium that facilitates the transportation of nutrients within the body as well as waste. Water soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and C cannot be absorbed into the body without the presence of water.

6) Exercise regularly:

Exercising your entire body is one way of living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps burn off any excess fat which is often stored as a fat layer under the skin.  This fat is harmful to the body and its organs as it may clog the blood veins and capillaries thus preventing it from reaching specific organs such as the scalp.

5) Throw away the junk food and start eating healthy:

Junk food or processed food has grown popular within the mainstream world. Some of it is cheap and easily accessible thanks to the plenty of fast food outlets. While many love the sumptuous taste in fried chicken, pizzas, burgers and fries the truth is that half of what we are consuming is just carbs and lots of fats or oils. Regular intake of these substances leaves the body lacking of essential substances such as proteins and vitamins which are also required to complete a balanced diet. A home made meal, rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins is the best option if you want to stop hair fall and re-grow your hair back to its healthy state.

4) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins which are vital substances needed for building and repairing the immune system.  If the immune system is compromised in anyway you may contract diseases and conditions that affect the growth of hair causing it to fall off.

3) Go slow on the chemical treatments and heat styling procedures:

Chemical treatment contain harsh compounds that may lead to the destruction of the protein make up in hair. Again, using the knowledge gotten from biology class, proteins burn off and loose their chemical composition once they get into contact with heat. This is the same for hair if it is overexposed to heat styling procedures. If you realize your hair is breaking off at a rapid rate consider other alternative ways of maintaining it rather than chemical treatments and heat styles.

2) Towel dry your hair the right way:

Rubbing your towel against the hair in circular motions as well as wringing it with a towel are some of the towel drying procedures that cause hair to break off. Wet hair is very sensitive and vulnerable and you need to be very careful while handling it. After washing your hair, use a soft high quality cotton towel to turban wrap it in.  Press against the hair gently all across the head. Once you are certain that much of the water is drained, change this side and turban wrap with the dryer side, do the same until all the moisture is absorbed into the towel.

1) Nourish your blood by taking vitamin supplements:

Sometimes, we may be eating a recommended diet but it may lack in some crucial vitamins that help in hair growth. Vitamin supplements offer a compensatory solution. These vitamins are very crucial:  Vitamin A and C for hair shine and luster, all Vitamin B’s for immune Building and repair, they also provide necessary components for healthy blood, Vitamin K which aids in protein fixation within the body and Vitamin E for essential oils that aid in healthy hair growth.