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Towels Are Not Made Equal

High Quality Cotton Towels and Why They Are So Important for Hair Growth

Washing your hair regularly is one way to keep the scalp clean and fresh. It also helps unclog the hair pores to remove any dirt that may be preventing the growth of new hair follicles. While most of us stick to a hair washing routine, we do so oblivious of the right ways to carefully dry it. Towel drying your hair is the best option however there is a proper way to do it to avoid split ends and hair breakage.

Choosing quality cotton towels for your hair

There are many types of bath towels in the market nevertheless the best material for drying your hair should be high quality cotton.  Quality cotton can be identified in terms of the variations available in the market.  Two types of quality cotton come highly recommended for hair toweling, these cottons are Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton. Both these cottons are known for their high absorbency and high density. Absorbency and density are key elements to look out for when towel drying your hair. After carefully observing all the hair washing and rinsing steps, the final has to do with ridding the hair off any excess water. This is often through towel drying. An absorbent towel is one that drains water from the hair and into its fibers easily and its density ensures that the wet and vulnerable hair strands are properly covered with there being no need for you to wring the hair within the towel. 

Importance of using high quality cotton bath towels for healthy hair growth

Hair as a body organ is made up of active protein compounds. For hair to grow healthy and strong you need to feed your body with the required substances as well as take good care of it. Here are some reasons why using a high quality cotton bath towel to dry hair is part of good hair care routine.

Quality cotton is soft and tender:  just as your skin needs a drying substance that feels soft and tender against it, so does the hair. Quality cotton is made of fibers that are breathable and gently wrap the hair without damaging its entire length. These fibers do not leave any rough or course feeling on your scalp and they also don’t pull out any hair strands as it comes into contact with it.

It is hypoallergenic:  non-hypoallergenic substances are known to trigger allergic reactions that may be harsh even to the immune system. Some people have sensitive scalp to the extent that if any non-hypoallergenic substance comes into contact with it, it may trigger a scalp rash or certain irritations that cause discomfort. High quality cotton is a good and caring option for both sensitive and non-sensitive scalp.

It is made free of chemicals, pollutants and harsh dyes: some substances such as chemicals, pollutants and dyes may be added onto a fabric to give it certain qualities. While these qualities maybe helpful in a way, they also pose an unseen threat to your hair in another. During the drying process the foreign substances can easily be soaked into water which is a universal solvent. As they soak in they come into contact with the hair and scalp and react with its protein make up. These reactions may take place for a lengthy period depending on how often you use the towel. Chemicals, pollutants and harsh dyes contain substances that are cancerous in nature and may also hinder the growth of hair in its natural and healthy form.

It is ideal for sensitive scalp: the constituent fibers used to make high quality cotton being hypoallergenic and free of any added synthetic compounds make it a natural material that best cares for sensitive skin and scalp.

Key elements in towels used to dry hair

A good towel should have these elements:

High Absorbency

The rate at which a towel drains water from the hair is what we call absorbency. A towel with high absorbency is capable of draining water immediately without the need for rubbing or wringing. It should also retain this water without releasing any of it back to the hair.


After washing and rinsing your hair, ensure that you wrap a clean, breathable towel around it much like a turban. Breathable towels have fibers that gradually allow dry air into the hair and scalp and release any moistness in the same manner. This gradual flow of air releases any pressure and tension from the scalp and the hair strands.


A durable towel is one whose fibers do not run and remain on the hair even after multiple uses. High quality cotton is manufactured with a process that ensures the firmness of each of its fibers.

High density

High quality cottons come with a density ranging between 250gms and 600gms. Density has to do with the careful fiber layering to ensure that water is absorbed and retained with ease.

Soft texture

There are two sides of a towel.  Each side should be of the same soft texture. After turban wrapping your wet hair into a towel it’s obvious that the side which is closest in contact to the hair is wet. While still in the turban, press gently against the hair, doing the same for the ends which are within the towel. Remove the towel and re-wrap into a turban placing the dryer part of the towel closer to the hair. Again, press gently and drain off any excess water.  Repeat until you are certain that the hair is rid of any moistness. Using a second clean, soft and dry towel, turban wrap your hair, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then remove it and style as desired.