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Herbology & Natural Regain Hair Tonic


Natural Regain's herbal hair spray is a formulation that helps stop hair thinning, hair loss and balding. It is 100% natural with ingredients and concepts that have no side effects to the body. Natural Regain is made of mother nature's pure herbs and Chinese Qi concept, both are blended together using a medicinal procedure adopted from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM we believe in the power of herbs to restore the body to its natural Qi balance which facilitates good health thus better lifestyles. The surprising fact is that many traditional medicines worldwide emphasize on the application of herbs to cure certain illnesses and conditions. There is plenty of evidence to show that ancient Persian, Asian, European, African and American traditional medicine practitioners used herbs as a technique to treat their patients. In this modern world, there are many medicines and vaccines manufactured from herbs. The only difference between herbal application in the past and the present is the fact that these herbs were administered in their natural form as opposed to today whereby they are mostly manufactured into tablets, syrups, sprays, ointments, vaccines and capsules.


Herbology Today


Today, herbology is studied in various colleges, institutions and universities that offer it as a branch of medicine. Experts argue that herbology is very vast and for one to understand its concepts it must be divided into simpler sections that will categorize its study. From a researcher's point of view, one can derive 2 categories of herbology, the first is medicinal herbology and the second is Eastern medicine. In medicinal herbology modern medical practitioners are allowed the chance to venture into natural forms of curing their patients such as herbs. Doctors can use their herbal knowledge to create a medically approved treatment. One thing to note is that those who practice medicinal herbology are not practitioners of traditional medicine, so please don't run to a modern doctor for any traditional treatments and vice versa. Eastern medicine is the second section and it involves the treatment of illnesses and body conditions by the use of traditional medicines such as TCM. In reality, Eastern medicine gets its definition from ancient Chinese medical practices. These practices involved the use of traditional herbs and preparations, non-invasive procedures and the focus of natural exiting energies.
Like in Natural Regain's herbal formulation, hair loss is combated through TCM concepts such as Qi and Chinese herbs. In truth, we can never dispute the use of herbs to cure present day illnesses and conditions, both categories of herbology and modern medicines work with one common goal which is to alleviate pain and suffering, cure the body and restore it to its original functionalities.


Why Hair Tonics & Sprays opt for Herbology

Other than illnesses and medical procedures such as chemotherapy, the major reason why people experience hair loss is due to aging. Aging is part of the human growth cycle and it starts once the body is deprived of its natural nutrients to facilitate its well being. Aging can be due to the lack or depletion of hormones and enzymes which synthesize certain functional compounds and free radicals in the body. Once these compounds and free radicals can no longer be synthesized, it will affect their levels in the body and their functions can no longer be achieved as before. One such compound is the protein melanin which is responsible for giving hair and eye color. If melanin can no longer be synthesized, people experience grey hair and the gradual loss of eyesight. Herbs are rich in minerals and nutrients that supplement the body with the nourishment required for these functional compounds and radicals to work effectively. As for hair loss, the herbs work from within the body and hair scalp to increase the supply of nutrient rich blood to these areas and rejuvenate them. Hair tonics made from chemical formulations may work but these remedies are often temporary since these chemicals end up harming the body. When you use these tonics, the scalp may show signs of healing and hair may sprout but after a short while it will stop and fall off again thus worsening the condition even further. For this reason, we strongly advice against the use of any hair tonic or spray made with any chemical component. 


Herbology and its power to treat hair loss

Hair growth inhibitors may arise from an imbalanced Qi, its deficiency or chemical compounds which cannot be expelled from the body easily. When these chemicals fail to find a way out of the body, they find storage zones within it. These zones may be the internal and external organs such as liver, kidneys, nails, skin and hair. In these areas chemicals often pose a threat to these organs normal functionalities, for example on the scalp and hair follicles, these chemicals block the blood veins and capillaries and interfere with the blood's natural flow. Once the blood can no longer reach the hair follicles and scalp, the hair will lack in nourishment, weaken and fall off. Herbs contain vitamins which have anti-oxidant power to identify and expel chemical compounds from the body, they also have anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the inflammation of cells, tissues and organs.
Trusted and certified for safe human use, Natural Regain has the power to reverse your hair loss days into hair growth magic. Thinner hair will be restored to fuller thicker hair which is manageable and style able. This expert formulation of herbology, TCM and Qi goes to show that nature does leave a positive impact into the most crucial and radicle areas of our lives.