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Clinically Proven! DHT Blocker | Herbology

Natural Regain all herbal hair tonic works with a powerful TCM formulation to rejuvenate and reactivate hair growth. Polygonum Multiflorum is a herb used in our formulation to cure hair loss and hair thinning. In Chinese medicine its root is used to produce a tonic which when applied on the scalp helps rejuvenate the blood capillaries to allow maximum blood flow to and from the hair follicles.
The benefits of using Polygonum Multiflorum in natural hair tonics is not limited to rejuvenation and regrowth alone, this herb can reverse hair aging whereby it helps restore it to its original color. In a research study that consisted 24 subjects aged between 30 to 60 both male and female. These subjects suffered from various hair loss and hair thinning causes conditions such as stress, side effects from drugs, pregnancy, genetics/age. Each was given 4g of Polygonum Multiflorum twice a day and they took it orally. In just one month of treatment, remarkable results begun to show. Hair loss and greying had receded in 91% of the men and 87% of the women. In another study this herb was administered to 62 subjects as a hair tonic to be applied daily on both hair and scalp. The treatment period lasted close to 3 months however, significant results began to show immediately, one week after they began applying the tonic on their hair and scalp.

Best known for its antibacterial strengths, Polygonum Multiflorum can be used to treat various hair infections such as ringworm as well as any bleeding wounds or sores on the scalp. The herb is grown in various regions of Taiwan, Japan, North America and China. Polygonum Multiflorum is its scientific name, in china this herb is known as He-Shou-Wu or Fo-ti while in North America it is known as tuber fleece-flower. 

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