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Clinically Proven! DHT Blocker | Herbology

Salvia Militorrhiza commonly known in TCM as Dan Shen and Asian Red Sage is a root herb, bitter tasting with a slightly cold action. Its use in Chinese medicine dates decades back with its current application growing popular in herbology. In Natural Regain, it is attributed as the blood moving or blood circulation herb. Its application reduces blood viscosity, improves blood rheology, improves microcirculation, dilates blood vessels, promotes blood flow and helps lower blood pressure in cases of high blood pressure. For hair growth, it is necessary that the hair follicles receive highly nourished and oxygenated blood. Call it an invigorating experience, the blood should not experience any interruption as it circulates within the body, especially to and from the scalp.
The herb Salvia Militorrhiza constitutes of two main chemical components which are: water-soluble and fat-soluble ingredients. The water soluble ingredients include protocatechualdehyde, sal-vianic acid A, B, C, tanshinol and protocatechuic acid. Fat soluble ingredients include Tanshialdehyde, cryptotanshinone, przewaquinone A, Miltirone, Salviol, tanshinol I and II, tanshinone I, IIA, IIB, III, hydroxytanshinone IIA, cryptotanshinone and Prze-watanshinquinone B. The water-soluble ingredients are easily dissolved into the scalp and hair tissue. They enhance cellular function allowing the fluid movement of certain compounds into and out of the blood. Fat soluble ingredients can only be dissolved in the presence of lipids. Like the skin, the scalp also has a fat layer which offers various functions such as insulation and elasticity. When the fat soluble components in Salvia M get to the scalp's fat layer, they are easily dissolved and they aid in this layer's functions.


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