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Natural Regain Traditional Chinese Medicine concept 

Natural Regain is a scalp soothing tonic that cures balding and adds volume to your hair the natural way. It has the special ability to treat all types of hair loss and help re-grow hair in all conditions of alopecia including the most common which is androgenetic alopecia (further known as Male & Female Pattern Baldness). It contains only natural ingredients such as herbs which are blended together using the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept and the Qi concept. The reason why TCM is a concept of choice in Natural Regain is its credibility. We may have chosen other traditional medicinal concepts but none has been studied and practiced in the manner that TCM is.


What is TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine? 

As the name suggests, TCM has its origins from Ancient China and historians say that there are records which show that it was in practice for many centuries. Over the years and even now, TCM has evolved and keeps on evolving. The reason for this evolution is the fact that these days, we experience more disease strains and disorders and also there have been numerous technological enhancements to incorporate into the TCM practice to make it more effective. In line with the technological enhancements, TCM practitioners use natural methods and concepts. Technology comes in when it gets to matters such as sterilization, harvesting and extracting the medicines and their storage. Ancient Chinese methods use the power of herbs to cure hair loss and alopecia, they also enhance the body's ability to "self-cure". Together there are over 100 herbs used in TCM, 9 of which make up the Natural Regain ingredients.
Together, these herbs are very powerful and will reactivate and rejuvenate your scalp and hair follicles thus stopping any hair loss the natural way.


TCM Technique for Alopecia

Natural Regain uses some of the most advanced TCM techniques that were practiced to cure illnesses and disorders, recognized and acknowledged as safe human treatment in the mainstream world. The public practice of Natural Regain's herbal techniques is safe provided that practitioners administer them with absolute knowledge and proper instructions.

Chinese herbs for Male & Female Pattern Baldness

Chinese herbs are complementary techniques which restore lacked nutrition. Herbs that are highly potent and contain vital vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant compounds. They also contain medicinal compounds that are known to fight certain sicknesses within the body and cleanse the blood. To treat alopecia (hair loss), these herbs penetrate the pores of the scalp and work within the body especially in the blood to treat and restore its quantity, quality and circulation which was an integral bit for achieving healthy hair and reversing Male & Female Pattern Baldness.


How Effective is TCM in Treating Hair Thinning, Hair Loss and Balding?

The healing techniques used in TCM interact with the body in a manner that is not common of most lifestyles. The radical nature in today's world may leave us prone to illnesses and conditions which are as a result of imbalanced Qi in the body. The most important aspect about a healthy body is attaining a balanced Qi. These techniques create a basis for the organs to work in harmony with the blood thus resulting to restoration and nourish the body and its organs. In the application of TCM to cure hair loss, the scalp and hair are the major organs of concern. You will require the use of proper hair tonics such as Natural Regain which is made using the utmost understanding of TCM. Each ingredient is added with the purpose of addressing the various causes of an imbalanced QI within the body. Once these causes are addressed, the body can then resume to its natural and holistic way of self healing.