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Definition of Qi or Chi (气)


Stemming from traditional Chinese culture, Qi is a force or form of energy contained in every living organism. Qi is also a force that binds all living organisms both internally and externally. It is a natural healing concept that is directly related to Traditional Chinese Medicine and it bears 2 branches. The first branch of Qi is contained as a nourishing portion in the food we take in, the air we breathe and the water we drink. In real sense TCM requires that what goes into the body should be of substance and quality for it to remain healthy and function properly. Such as, drinking purified or clean water, eating a balanced diet and breathing in toxic free air in order to achieve this branch of Qi. The second branch is related to the free-flowing bodily energy and other vital fluids that make up its circulatory system. In TCM, each of these branches is believed to encourage the body's natural self-healing properties. Qi works with the balance of Yin-Yang in the body. Yin is the structural part of Qi energy that is associated with the brute and physical side of the universe, death, moon, earth and night time it is also anything that is passive, cold, dark, moist, descending, solid or heavy. Yang is functional it is associated with the ethereal side of the universe, birth, sun, day and the sky, it is also anything active, expressive, hot, dry, fast and aggressive. Yin and Yang are both dependent functions of Qi, none can work without the other. For good health the yin-yang energies need to balance. In the occurrence of an imbalance, sickness may arise with the symptoms varying depending on the amount of Qi or its deficiency in the body. Hair loss in this case can be defined as a scalp condition resulting from lack of Qi or its imbalance.



Qi concept and the herbal composition in Natural Regain


The Qi concept in Natural Regain works hand in hand with traditional Chinese medicine and the herbs used. As Qi gives the body the energy balance required this balance is achieved when certain components are incorporated to counter its excess production or its deficiency. TCM has been in practice for centuries and it was commonly used to cure illnesses and conditions such as hair loss. Many of the key ingredients in Natural Regain rectify the imbalance and Qi deficiencies in the body. Most importantly the blood deficiency. Some types of hair loss can be caused by certain diets that possibly lack blood nourishing foods which tonify blood. In TCM the hair is considered an extension of the blood. Meaning if ones blood flow is nutritional and rich than the hair will be thick. Natural Regain's ingredients are specifically indicated for hair and the blood flow of the scalp. There are 9 important TCM herbal ingredients used in Natural Regain. Carthamus Tinctorius is one of the herbs. It offers what experts believe are restorative and healing properties to the blood. Panax Ginseng is another herb used in Natural Regain and it stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicle and also promotes cell metabolism. What Ginseng offers is cell nourishment and rejuvenation for restoration of damaged hair roots and improved hair growth. Linguisticum Chuanxiong is the third herb used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for the treatment of hair loss. Its effectiveness is known worldwide. The fourth herb is Astragalus Membranaceus which is used in Natural Regain hair tonic to treat both male and female baldness. This herb increases cellular metabolism and boost the body's immunity system. The fifth herb in the list is Salvia Miltiorrhiza. It is known to actively cure baldness by encouraging hair growth and giving the hair a soft and silky feel. It also improves the quality and look of the scalp and skin by clearing any dryness or flakiness. Prunus Persica is the 7th herb and supplies vital nutrients to hair follicles while providing protection against hair loss. The 8th herb, Angelica Sinensis is commonly used for its ability to calm the nerves and relax muscles so that blood flows freely into and out of the capillaries and veins. The final herb is Zingiber Officinale which also works to improve blood flow to and from the hair follicles ensuring that these follicles receive the much-needed nutrition and waste removal for their healthy function.